Time Away

So the “back to school” time of the year causes my focus to switch slightly, and for my brain to take on even more. A teacher friend of mine shared a great metaphor for the end of summer transition for those in education. She stated it is like being retired for a few months and then being called back from retirement every fall. Due to this transition period, I have been out of the loop of blogging, and you would think the day before Halloween would be the last day to take some time to sit and reflect on the last few missing months, but here I am

During my time away from the computer, I have been getting my children and husband back on the “full time +wife+mom”train. So I felt that I would best use this time to share our end of the summer projects and goals as we move into the holiday season and I may or may not be pulled away from the screen for awhile.

Goal #1 Teach 6 year old to ride a bike

-I quickly found that just because I feel like I may be a pretty good teacher, I may not be that for my daughter. After hours of running up and down our street directing Big D on the basics of riding, it only took her dad one time of “watching” her, for Big D to take off and ride. I will tell you, when Little D learns to ride I will skip most of what I tried and go to the balance bike…what a difference!!

Goal #2 Teach 6 year old to tie her shoes

-As with above, after hours of instructing my 6 how to “quickly” tie her shoes, one afternoon at my parents and Big D was tying her shoes like a champ.

Goal #3 Finish crocheting both girl’s blankets

-After years of planning starting,unraveling, starting, and unraveling I finally finished Little D’s baby blanket (started during pregnancy) and Big D’s Frozen blanket. Both girls were so excited to have the blankets, and I may have passed down the trait of cuddling under their warmth in any kind of weather, during any season of the year.  This pattern got me started, but I quickly made it my own.

Goal #4 Refinish husband’s grandma’ vanity/desk.

-We were offered to have this older vanity, and in my Pinterest type brain, I couldn’t wait to get started.I had ideas of what I could do to let Big D slowly transition to a bigger girl room. Her love right now is Paris everything. I am not ready for this move yet, she is only 6. So I agreed to allow for a Paris decorated desk. I am in complete love of this desk. I have also offered more step by step of what we did.dsc_0213

Goal #5 Have a great start to my school year

-This was fairly easy, as I was able to begin the year with the same students. This year, I was not starting fresh with students or curriculum. I felt like the transition should go fairly smooth, and 8 weeks in, I would agree.

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