Desk Remodel

So, unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of the vanity prior to the process, but I will start from the beginning.

Step 1) I took the seat cushion apart and pulled out all of the drawers. the original paint was very similar to the new paint, weathered white from Behr. I wanted a chalk paint look, without spending the money. We mix 1 1/2 table spoons cool water, 2 1/1 tablespoons of plaster of Paris (mix together first), and 1 cup of paint. 2 coats did really well.

Step 2) Take off hardware and spray paint in black. I also trimmed out the edge of the desk in black. Great last minute idea by my crafty neighbor.

Step 3) Use decoupage for fabric and spread a thin layer on the outside of the drawer. We purchased upholstery fabric from Hobby Lobby during a 60% off sale. You can spread a thin layer over the top as a second coat, if needed. Once dry, I went back and trimmed any fabric that overhung. When sizing the fabric, I just flipped it upside down, place the face of the drawer on top, and traced it with a pen.dsc_0059

Step 4) Once the drawers dray, I let them sit over night, screw back in the hardware.

Step 5) Reupholstering the chair cushion was easier than I thought, laying it upside down, pull tight, and using tacks, tack the fabric in place. On a side note, this did take two times, I didn’t realizes the pattern on the cushion required it to face a certain way. When I had finished, it was upside down…oops!


Second try!

Step 6) The final addition to the desk was the trim around seat. I didn’t realize that all I had to do was hot glue and press, but that was it to finish off our first big furniture refinish.dsc_0212

I have a few more pieces in my house to work on, but with the holidays coming, they may need to wait until next summer!



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