Crafting in babeland

As the summer comes to an end at our house, I am trying to check off all of the things left on my to do list. Looking back to June, all of my plans seemed so attainable for me… for a single, twenty-something, with no cares in the world!!!


Priorities in our house allow for chaos in the background. Tomorrow is supposed to be a rain day…cleaning camp will commence!

So, I sit here, on this 90 degree day, trying to finish my the next project, for Big D, with Little D sitting on my lap. To many of you, this may seem like a wonderful Mommy daughter moment, instead I am trying to measure fabric to fit onto a desk, all while fighting to keep her away from the measuring tape, scissors, and pens! Some may wonder, why not complete this project during nap time, well that would be great, except today I chose to also catch up on sleep, as Little D is in the process of a growth spurt, and getting up before the morning sun. I also can not work on the project at a table, as Little D has learned to climb furniture, and has already shown that she cannot fly 3 times today.

All of this said, as this summer comes to a close, I will cherish the moments that I am so lucky to share with my daughters. No other career allows me so much time with my children to build a lifetime of memories. So when the girls have their own children, I can explain to them why the fabric is askew and not quite perfect


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