Ranch, the other white food!

I am not sure how popular a mixture of condiments are in other places, but here in Michigan, ranch dressing is second to none for many. I personally, feel like I have a pretty wide pallet and prefer a mixture of seasonings, spices, and flavors.

My husband and Big D prefer things very mellow and basic, although my husband is becoming more adventurous. Big D has finally stepped out and decided at age 6, she likes mustard, and that is as far as it goes. Don’t you dare put other sauces or seasonings on any food she ingests, or there are tears. Now I do have to say, she has matured quite a bit in her eating habits. From the day she was born, her food needed to be a certain way, partly due to sensitivity and partly due to her being Big D. 6 years later she is at least trying everything that is made, and we found out this summer that steak cooked medium-rare, you read that right still mooing, with a little salt and butter, is the only way it is editable!

Here is where things get interesting in our house. I have had many friends tell me about their children eating a little food with a whole lot of ranch dressing, but due to Big D’s bland tastes, ranch was never something she preferred. Little D was born just over a year ago. From the moment she was conceived, she was the complete opposite of her big sister. It should not have surprised me that her eating habits would be the same. Once introduced to food, she enjoyed  there became an infatuation with all of it! There wasn’t a morsel she could turn down (including cat chow…maybe wanting seconds).

Fast forward to toddlerhood. You would think that I was prepared for a picky eater, being that I live with just a couple, but boy did Little D throw me for a loop. She has done a 180 degree turn, and would like to live off of yogurt, cheese, and muffins (cat chow might still be an option if provided).

A couple nights ago, was like any other night. We sat down as a family with dinner on our plates. My 6 year old was telling me she didn’t like chicken patties, instead of fighting (chicken patties are so full of nutrients LOL) she had a sandwhich, Little D began trying her food. She decided very quickly that our dog would like the chicken and potatoes better, and swipe some on the floor. Trying to get food into her belly, I grabbed our ranch dressing. I swear we hear angels singing. If Little D could talk, I am sure she would demand why we had not provided her with this golden food sooner. I showed her how to dip her chicken into it, and thought, for a fleeting second, what a great idea I had. Then it all came crashing down. My, now 16 month old, wants “Bobo” (not sure how this resembles ranch) with everything, and unless I am hand feeding her with other food, she would prefer to eat shovel it into her mouth.

There is that saying “Do everything with good intentions”. I will remember that at her next doctors appointment, when I share that her only food group consists of ranch dressing.

Crafting in babeland

As the summer comes to an end at our house, I am trying to check off all of the things left on my to do list. Looking back to June, all of my plans seemed so attainable for me… for a single, twenty-something, with no cares in the world!!!


Priorities in our house allow for chaos in the background. Tomorrow is supposed to be a rain day…cleaning camp will commence!

So, I sit here, on this 90 degree day, trying to finish my the next project, for Big D, with Little D sitting on my lap. To many of you, this may seem like a wonderful Mommy daughter moment, instead I am trying to measure fabric to fit onto a desk, all while fighting to keep her away from the measuring tape, scissors, and pens! Some may wonder, why not complete this project during nap time, well that would be great, except today I chose to also catch up on sleep, as Little D is in the process of a growth spurt, and getting up before the morning sun. I also can not work on the project at a table, as Little D has learned to climb furniture, and has already shown that she cannot fly 3 times today.

All of this said, as this summer comes to a close, I will cherish the moments that I am so lucky to share with my daughters. No other career allows me so much time with my children to build a lifetime of memories. So when the girls have their own children, I can explain to them why the fabric is askew and not quite perfect